Petroleum-based Fuels
Crude oil itself can be burned for energy, but is very inefficient and contains elements that can and will explode under the right conditions. Refining crude oil into other fuels is difficult when you can’t control the temperature of the process exactly.

Kerosene can be safely distilled from coal or petroleum. It is used in lamps, for cooking fire, or other lower temperature fires, and can be used as a fuel.

Gasoline is hazardous to attempt to distill from crude, causing fires and explosions. And because of the lack of electricity to power electrical ignition systems, gasoline engines are very difficult to maintain.

Diesel Power
Diesel engines can use a variety of fuel sources, including kerosene and straight vegetable oil. Diesel engines don’t use electrical ignition, and thus are more reliable and easier to maintain. Diesel engines can drive vehicles or be used in generators to create electricity.

Vegetable Oil
Can be used in diesel engines with little alteration. It can be extracted from plants by crushing or grinding.

Derived from mixing plant or animal fats with methanol.
1) Refined to remove contaminants and water
2) Treatment to esterfy free fatty acids into Biodiesel
3) Transesterfictation of lipids with methanol into Bioldiesel
4) Purification to remove gylcerol, water and other byproducts

Simple wood alcohol. Requires large source of fresh water.

A simple, sweet compound. It is used to sweeten food, to make soap, to treat bites, cuts and burns among others. It is used as a solvent to prepare herbal extracts. It is used make nitroglycerin, smokeless gunpowder and dynamite. And it can be used as a lubricant.


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